"Education for sustainable development"



Tierra y Valle achieved some important awards. Here you can get more information about our acknowledgment.



“for me, the time volunteering for Tierra y Valle has been a wonderful experience. I have been able to learn the methodology that is used within the organization. I cannot find the words to explain how something that is so simple can generate such huge results. A place where with few resources can help to achieve so much. I sincerely congratulate all of the people that work here every day who allow the permanent growth and expansion of this project. There is no doubt that I will make this happen back home in Barcelona, that way kids from where I am from will also have the opportunity to have this experience.
Truthfully I fell in love with this project and all of the people involved. Since the first day you welcomed me the best way one can imagine. All of those days that I spent in Tierra y Valle became unforgettable memories. I have learned so much! For example, how to feed the earthworms, the use of domestic tools, making water channels, seeding, helping to grow the plants, and above all appreciating the moments shared with friends. I hope Tierra y Valle can expand even more to touch life of other kids.
All kids that start this experience gain knowledge and realize that small changes are powerful and that is not an impossible thing. More than anything, I am inspired to leave the world in a better condition that it was before.”



Licence in environmental sciences, Post grad in communication and environmental education

Voluntaria 2013






Tierra y Valle uses the methodology named “Tierra de Ninos”. I think this method is key to achieve an integral way of education, a perspective which includes sciences, nature and social studies. Different sections include:

  • Scientific
  • Arts including drawing and painting allowing the free expression of the kid
  • Language and communication
  • Physical education and gaining knowledge through your own hands
There is also a space dedicated to the creativeness of the child. We have even created songs and we always are singing new or old ones.
Tierra y Valle is also aware that a healthy alimentation is a fundamental component to the right development of the child.
I want to point out, that everything mentioned before is achieved by the powerful feeling called love. This emotion promotes enthusiasm, perseverance and joyfulness. Gabriela Mistral one said: “The future of the kids is today; tomorrow it will be too late”. This is why the priority is to maintain, protect and help to develop this project, so that more kids could benefit from it. It is my personal feeling that every kid should have this kind of experience in their growing up process.
Lia Paz Argagnon Ocampo

Elementary Teacher; Member 2012