"Education for sustainable development"




Tierra de Niños

We apply "Tierra de Ninos" (TiNi) methodology because we believe that it is in childhood when we need to develop our values and attitudes that will accompany us in life. This methodology was created by the Association for the children and their environment in Peru. A TiNi is a space that goes from one meter of land granted by adults to children and adolescents, where they learn to raise life and biodiversity. In this process, the child or adolescent strengthens their self-esteem and affection for nature.The child or adolescent in its TiNi implements actions that benefit:

a) Themselves

b) Their own family or others, and

c) The nature


This methodology is being used in more than 10 countries around the world forming the Global Network of land of Children.

Area: 800 m2

Beneficiaries: 120 children

Participants: 70 children



Bosque de los Niños

The "BoNi" is a field officially given by adults to children and adolescents so that they can manage it. This terrain is considered an area of reserve of native and indigenous species. By managing this land the children or adolescent acquires knowledge, skills and values of natural resources.

The Agricultural Community "Estero Derecho" granted 3.5 hectares for the community where 1 hectare was awarded to future generations. There are 400 Native trees donated by CONAF (National Forest Corporation) that are being planted.


Surface: 10.000 m2

Beneficiaries: 2000 habitants

Participants: 26 children, board of neighbours and social organization


Excursion Tierra y Valle



Environment Education


Our first ecological event:

This is a pilot campaign focused on adults to raise awareness about the benefits of the Eco-bag. The objective is to incorporate the habit of reuse in our society and to raise awareness that small actions can make a big difference






Project in process.

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This Project has got the focus on young people

between 13 - 18 years

Project in process. We are looking for sponsors